Music is 

 My Life

Music has held a huge place in my life for as long as I can remember. I’m the girl that everyone puts in charge of music at a party.  You tell me the vibe, I make the playlist.  My musical preferences range from hip hop, to Latin, to oldies, to country, to rock, to pop, to EDM, to house, to tribal funk.  If it has a beat, I probably like it.  So if you like a specific music genre, you can pretty much guarantee that I have a playlist for you!


Through my many years of energy work, I have learned to follow the flow of the Universe, no matter where it may, or may not, take me.  I have also learned to listen to my body and to follow my heart.  This is what brought me to the realization that I wanted to be a DJ!  I mean, why not? Dancing and music are my two most favorite hobbies, and what’s better than getting people in their bodies and out on the dance floor?  I’ve seen some of the biggest and most brightest smiles when people are dancing to a sweet groove.  I LOVE bringing more smiles and laughter into people’s lives.



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