How to Process Emotions

Here are some tools you can use to help process your emotions though your body as they come up. You can mix and match these tools depending on the presenting situation. But if you feel highly charged about something, it would be helpful to do them all in order

1. React - feel your full emotional and physical reaction. Let the energy flow through your body without suppression.

2. Convert to raw energy - After reacting, take away all stories or interpretations of why the emotion is there, and take away all names of the emotions. Don't let the mind say anything about it. Just feel it as a movement of energy and observe it.

3. Midline - quickly bring your awareness to the center hemisphere of your body. Imagine a plate of glass running right through the middle of your body splitting yourself in half and send a flash of light there. You only need to hold it there a few seconds.

4. Slack - drop all contracting or pulling energy from your nervous system, like you are lowering ropes or leashes that you have been pulling on. Drop it all at once in 2 seconds. Feel all the ropes hanging down loose and drooping in a U shape. Check if there are any pulling feelings left. If so, repeat, until there are none.

5. Still point - bring your awareness to 3 inches below your navel. Hold your attention there for 2 seconds or more.

6. Take a deep breath.

7. Appreciate the perfection of your creation - Take a moment to realize that energy has gone out of its way to be in the state it is now. Whatever is happening or whatever you are doing, commend yourself on how perfectly you are doing it.

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